Camper Trailer Caravan Solar Thermal Blanket & Caravan awning thermal coversCamper Trailer Solar Blanket

Camper Trailer Caravan Solar Thermal Blanket: Please note, Due to misconceptions of the term “solar” we are now calling our blankets Thermal Blankets, our blankets are not only designed to absorb solar heat during the day but they act thermally during the night helping to keep you warm and dry and are in no-way a solar power producing device.

Phil from Minlaton discounters has designed a camper trailer Caravan solar and thermal blanket & Caravan awning thermal cover that will cover most camper trailers & caravan awnings. This lightweight, easy to use and easy to store solar blanket reflects the heat and drops the inside temperature by up to a staggering 10% in summer, while it also helps to retain the warmth in winter and prevents the canvas for getting damp.

40 nights to Cape York and back must prove it’s worth!!


Made from technologies leading edge materials

  • Unique patented protective durable polymer coating
  • Heat laminated, air bubble core providing an exceptional barrier against conductive heat, humidity, water and vapor penetration
  • Two outer layers of 99%+ pure aluminum (with reinforced weave/scrim on both sides)
  • Reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat
  • Patented protection against corrosion
  • Patented protection against oxidisation
  • Excellent fire properties
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Environmentally friendly and fiber-free
  • Fall-arrest properties (able to support two tones for every square meter attached)
  • Compliance with the latest insulation standards
  • Double stitched seams and reinforced edging

Some of the benefits of the Camper Trailer Caravan Solar Thermal Blanket / awning cover

  • Custom made to suit most camper trailers.
  • The Camper Trailer Thermal / Solar Blanket drops the heat by up to 10%
  • The Camper Trailer Thermal / Solar Blanket prevents the canvas from getting damp
  • The Camper Trailer Thermal / Solar Blanket Retains warmth in winter
  • The Camper Trailer Thermal / Solar Blanket is lightweight and easy to store
  • The Camper Trailer Thermal / Solar Blanket is custom made and designed by Phil Farley at Minlaton discounters 19 main St Minlaton Yorke Peninsula
  • The Thermal Blanket is Australian designed and Australian made for tough Australian conditions.
  • Australia wide delivery

The Thermal Solar Blankets Versatility

The solar blanket is not only for use on camper trailers, it can be custom made for and used on caravans, tents, for shade, Phil even uses one for the rear of his four wheel driveThe versatility of the solar blanket is only limited by the imagination. How about a solar blanket to cover the esky? now that’s a great idea!

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What size do they come in?  The standard size is 2 x 3.5 mt at a cost of $300, but, we custom make them to cater for all custom sizes.

How much will postage cost? – Postage varies from size to size and location but we do our utmost best to keep costs down and do not attempt to profit from postage costs.

Does the blanket need to be removed for packup? – No, the blanket can be left on your camper trailer when you fold it up.

Can I use the blanket in the wind? – Yes the blanket can be left on during wind.

Is the blanket UV protected? – Yes, the material used for our blankets are UV stabilized (green side up).

What is the weight of the blanket? – The weight of a standard blanket is around 3kg so the overall additional weight to your trailer is very minimal.

Ordering your Thermal Blanket

When ordering a solar blanket we will require you to carefully measure the width of your camper trailer and the length from point to point as indicated in red in the photo below.

Australia wide delivery is available.

Call Phil on (08) 8853-2262 or use our contact us page to send an email